Friday, 28 January 2011

Cozy Plush Toys

Cosifun Cozy Plush Toys

There is a brand new rage in the toy market. This is one toy that moms will absolutely love, as there is no mess and no clean up at all. The kids will be begging to sleep with it, watch TV with it, and so much more. What is it called? The Cozy Plush of course!

The Cozy Plush brings visions of soft and comfortable. Something a person or a child could snuggle up with. These are very safe for children, as parents won’t have to worry about small loose parts if something is placed in their mouth. The Cozy Plush is pleasantly scented with Lavender and is also microwavable for cozy warmth on those cold, chilly winter nights.

How does the Cozy Plush heat up in the microwave? There is a little secret inside the animal’s tummy. Just take it out and heat it up. The insert is infused with lavender and wheat grain to help calm and soothe.

The Cozy Plush is proudly made in England with great attention to detail. They offer twenty-one cute and cuddly designs that are definitely unique. The toy animals are made to the highest standard for your child with the softest material available.

A child could choose a pink mouse or a purple hippo and even mom or dad might want an elephant or a bunny. The animals are designed to sit instead of like cuddly flat animal pillows commonly seen or as most animals that try to sit up are always falling down.

At only seventeen inches, The Cozy Plush can fit anywhere in even the smallest of places. From the car to watching from a shelve to hanging out of a backpack, and even helping mom in the kitchen.

Besides The Cozy Plush, there is also a wide variety of other fun and cuddly animals for the entire family. Like the Wild Warmers that are actually neck warmers or The Cozy Cushions or even the famous Pillowheads along with the Dusty Pups that will clean your computer screen or cell phone or even your TV.

So, next time there is going to be a really long car ride, nap time, or even movie time, grab a Cozy Plush and get ready for some quiet time and some serious great pretend play time or even have mom and dad join in the fun. Visit Cozy Plush for more information.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wheat Bags

Wheat Bags soothing body wraps are the natural way to soothe and relax your body and mind